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East Tennessee Medical Group

The physicians and staff of East Tennessee Medical Group believe that the group practice model is the best vehicle for delivering state of the art healthcare in an efficient, but compassionate environment. That is our goal, and we focus every day on doing all that we can to make that happen. In July of 1994, nine physicians with a combined total of more than 80 years of practice in Blount County, came together to form East Tennessee Medical Group, P.C. We are a relative newcomer compared to the Mayo Clinics of the world, but we recognize the same values can be made available to our patients, here in East Tennessee. Today, we are the area's largest physicians group with over 40 physicians in ten specialties. As our community grows, we want to grow with you. We hope you'll entrust our medical professionals to meet your health care needs for years to come.


For more than 50 years, physicians have been practicing in groups. Early pioneers often were motivated by the desire to practice better medicine. Some believed that a group of physicians from a variety of disciplines could offer patients faster and better service than could a doctor on his or her own. By bringing together multiple specialties, as well as X-ray and laboratory services, patients could be offered one-stop shopping, no longer having to wait for tests and consultations.

The group practice movement began in the early part of the 20th century. Many believe that the modern day birth of the group practice goes back to 1864, when W. W. Mayo opened his first office in Rochester, Minnesota. In 1892, when Dr. Mayo retired, an outside physician was hired, and the first "group practice" was born. By 1914, the Mayo Clinic was well established with its own practice site. Today it sets the standard for group practices across the country. Today the names of Marshfield Clinic, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Oschsner Clinic, Carle Clinic, Geisinger Clinic, Trover Clinic, Watson Clinic and Palo Alto Clinic represent this most efficient model of delivering quality care.